Convergence – Part 1

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I’ve been excited to check out Convergence since we started hearing about it months ago. Being more of a character fan than a stickler for continuity, I was intrigued by the sheer number of titles and heroes involved. Then once I heard that Gail Simone was writing Nightwing/Oracle, I was definitely in! There are plenty of blogs out there that … Read More

Raffle Winners from FCBD

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Hello Nerds! We had an AMAZING day at Nerd Out – our first ever Free Comic Book Day, with a giant tent sale, awesome artists and tasty fries from Fries Above. Thank you so much to everyone that came out, grabbed some comics, chatted with us, we were so thrilled to see so many new faces. We are still nerding out … Read More

Free Comic Book Day – Saturday, May 2



We’re super excited to announce that we will have 3 very awesome artists in the house: Elliot Fernandez, Gary Segara and Brad Marshall Wilson! All three will be creating drawings, sketches and selling prints. They are so talented and we’re stoked they will be here! We will have 25+ long boxes of back issues, packed full of freshly priced comics. … Read More

Comics: Where to start

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Want to start reading comics, but don’t know where to start? Well, no fear, Tanya’s here to help. A little known fact – I started reading comics less than 2 years ago (and now I have a comic store, crazy right?). Yep, I’ve read about 20 different titles and have really enjoyed what I’ve found. But I also have a bit … Read More

Hello Nerds!

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You’re probably wondering who we are? Well, we wonder that ourselves most days. Thanks to our former partner Randall who decided running a store wasn’t for him, so instead of closing the store we looked at each other and said, “What the heck, Let’s do this!” Thus, Nerd Out Comics was born. So who are we, you ask again? Just a bunch … Read More