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You’re probably wondering who we are? Well, we wonder that ourselves most days. Thanks to our former partner Randall who decided running a store wasn’t for him, so instead of closing the store we looked at each other and said, “What the heck, Let’s do this!” Thus Nerd Out Comics was born. So who are we, you ask again? Just two nerds who love comics, movies, tv shows and music.


Glenn Papp,

Glenn has been collecting comic books for more than 35 years. He never dreamed he would own his own store and now it seems like more of a nightmare – only kidding folks. Glenn manages all the ordering, subscriptions, reviews all collections and manages the store day-to-day.

Some of his favorites: 
Comic Books: Amazing Spiderman Vol. 1, Hawkeye, Nailbiter, Lazarus
Super Heros: Spiderman, Iron Man, Nova, Moon Knight
Villians: Hobgoblin, Classic Venom, Green Goblin, Galactus
TV Shows: Flash, Arrow, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Daredevil, Supernatural, The Black List, Black Books
Movies: Back to the Future, Fight Club, Point Break, The Matrix, Garden State
Bands: Far too many to list, but mostly hip hop nowadays

blackwidowTanya Papp,
Chief Nerd

Marketing executive by day, Comic book store owner by night. You won’t catch Tanya in the store very often, but that’s only because she’s keeping the business in order. Tanya manages the finances, the website, the marketing and keeps Glenn in line (as well as keeps the food stocked, the bills paid, and their home clean – well sorta).  So when you do see her, make sure you give her a high five, she deserves it.

Here’s her favorites 
Comic Books: Alex+Ada, Saga, Sex Criminals, Hawkeye
Super Heros: Hawkeye (books), Captain America (MCU)
Villians: Loki
TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Arrow, Orphan Black, Sherlock
Movies: Captain America 2, Fight Club, Garden State
Bands: Texas is the Reason, Jawbreaker

digby cubeSir Digby Chicken Caesar,
Nerd Dog

He’s kinda like Pizza dog, but cooler. Digby is usually chillin’ on his pillow in the corner of the store, he’ll greet you with a few barks, just to let his Dad know you’ve arrived (we don’t need a bell!). Digby made his way into Glenn & Tanya’s lives (and hearts) – and the store wouldn’t be complete without him (and neither would Glenn or Tanya).

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